KRA Returns: This Is How Much Fine You Will Pay If You Don’t File Returns By June 2022


Kenya Revenue Authority

is the body in Kenya mandated to collect taxes? Taxes are key to any nation. Revenue from taxes is used to run the government, and pay government officials, executive officers, and civil servants. Its also used to finance government projects among other things.

Kenya Revenue Authority over the years introduced a new module where every citizen with a KRA pin has to file the return. The filling of kra returns is to keep track of how Kenyans are paying taxes and also to monitor those evading paying taxes.

kra returns

According to KRA, citizens without income are allowed to file KRA nil returns while those with income have to file returns. The deadline for filing returns is usually the 30th of every June every year. The deadline is for filling returns of previous years. For example, for now, people should file kra returns for the period of 01/01/2021 to 31/12/2021. If you fail to file your returns, KRA will penalize you. On the right, there are late filing and late payment penalties.

 For those who will miss out to file the kra returns, KRA has set to fine them as follows. They will be penalized 2000 Kenyan shillings or 5% of the tax due whichever is higher for individuals. See the post for more details.


On how to file returns for employed

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